The chemicals we supply for use in this sector include:

  • Chemical formula H2SO4 – a colourless, odourless solution

    Commonly used within the automotive industry, battery acid is also used in chemical cells and batteries. Also used for storage in back up power supplies in high demand critical energy users such as hospitals or in the technology industry.

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  • Chemical formula NaOH – a colourless solution, or white spheres with a slight odour

    The solution of sodium hydroxide, caustic soda is used in the manufacture of soaps, dyes, paper, petrol products and polymers. Widely used in the majority of commercial oven and drain cleaners, it can also be used to clean process pipes, tanks, equipment, tanks and containers as it acts as a strong degreaser, descaler and pH adjuster.

    Other applications including within the electroplating industry, as a laboratory reagent, to clean and process metal and as an effluent treatment.

    The solid form of caustic soda is used widely in the paper and pulp industry. Also used in aluminium production, fuel production and refining, paints and surface treatments, as well as within solvents, dyes and adhesives.

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  • Chemical formula H2O

    Demineralised water, also called demin or deionised water, is used in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and manufacturing applications, including the pharmaceutical, automotive and engineering industries. Routinely used within the beverage industry, it can also be used during the production of cosmetics or as a wash water.

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  • Chemical formula H2O:HCl – a colourless solution with a distinctive odour

    Widely used in industrial and chemical processes, hydrochloric acid has a large number of applications from battery production to steel production to leather treatment. It is used to hydrolyse starch and proteins during food preparation, as a chemical reagent for plastics and as a cleaner. Hydrochloric acid can also be used within the rubber, textile and photographic industries.

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  • Chemical formula H2SO4 – a clear, colourless solution with no distinguishing odour

    Sulphuric acid, also known as sulfuric acid, has many uses and is a key substance in the chemical industry. With a wide range of applications, including various cleaning agents, household drain cleaners, and electrolyte in lead-acid batteries. Within the chemical industry the principle uses include chemical synthesis, mineral processing, the manufacture of fertilizer, oil refining and wastewater processing.

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